In4matx 44 Seminar in Informatics Research Topics


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Administrative Information


Instructor: David Redmiles


Office: BH 5038

Office Hours: Tuesday’s 12-2. (with occasional exceptions)


Lecture: F   1:00- 2:50

Classroom: BH 1200

Course Code: 37010





Course Description and Prerequisites


44 Seminar in Informatics Research Topics (2). Introduction to current research topics in Informatics. Various faculty members present current research and relate it to the course content of the Informatics degree program.”






Add/drop: If you wish to add this class, do so before the end of Week 2.


Academic honesty: Please familiarize yourself with the latest UCI academic honesty policy: The consequences of academic dishonesty are not worth the risks.


Announcements: Critical announcements will be emailed to your UCI Net ID / Login. Please make it is set up properly and being forwarded to whichever account you normally read email from. Many other announcements will be made in class. If you miss class, please check with a friend to learn about any in-class announcements that may be important to you.


Web Page and Readings: The Web page for the class, particularly the list of reading is subject to update. Check it frequently and be sure to refresh / reload the Web pages when you browse them.


Email correspondence: All email to me must include the class number, In4matx 44  or Inf 44, in the subject line. If you do not get a response to the email in 72 hours, resend it.




Course Mechanics and Grading


Lectures consist primarily of guest speakers from the Department of Informatics Faculty. They lectures focus on relevant areas of research in Informatics. Occasionally, the class will attend special guest lectures arranged by the Institute for Software Research.


Readings: Readings will occasionally be assigned. At times, students will be asked to find relevant readings on their own, e.g. through the web.


Class participation requires attendance and includes being able to comment relevantly on speakers and any assigned readings.


Assignments: Assignments will be given almost every week. Generally they will be a one-page essay (single spaced with a reasonable size font such as Times 11 or Arial 10).


No Final Exam but the last assignment will be due during finals week.




  • 30% Class Participation
  • 70% Assignments