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In4matx 44 Seminar in Informatics Research Topics


Class Schedule, Lecture, & Assignments Page

Rev 5/11/07


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Academic Honesty


Schedule,  Lecture, & Assignments


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This schedule subject to change – check back regularly


Week 1 – 4/6/07 – Introduction


Assignment 1- Look through the list of schools on the I-schools project web site (http://www.ischools.org/oc/). Choose one you are interested in. In a few sentences, explain why you picked that school. In several sentences describe what you understand their Informatics academic program and / or research to be.



Week 2 – 4/13/07 – Special Lecture – Meet first in classroom


Colin Ware – Data Visualization Research Lab, University of New Hampshire


Assignment 2 – Pick a visualization from your day-to-day life. You may use 1/3 of a page or a separate page to illustrate that visualization with a photograph or screen capture. In the remaining 2/3 of the page, explain how this visualization relates to you (how you use it) and in one or a few sentences each, name a characteristic of this visualization that makes it good and / or poor for the purpose. (If you are very ambitious – not required – I will post over the next few days pointers to characteristics by other researchers).



Week 3 – 4/20/07 – Speakers TBD


Crista Lopes


Week 4 – 4/27/07 – Special Lecture – Meet first in classroom


Hiroshi Ishii – Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Laboratory



Week 5 – 5/4/07


Speaker 1 (TBD)

Andre van der Hoek



Week 6 – 5/11/07


Susan Sim

Alfred Kobsa


Week 7 – 5/18/07– Special Lecture – Meet first in classroom


Jeff Magee – Department of Computing, Imperial College, London



Week 8 – 5/25/07


Paul Dourish

Chris Dobrian



Week 9 – 6/1/07


David Kay

Richard Taylor



Week 10 – 6/8/07


Gloria Mark

Dan Frost