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Current projects


A new research page is under construction here for current projects.


Previous projects


Continuous Coordination A brand new project for increasing awareness of social and technological information in collaborative software engineering environments.


SWIRL Effective Security Awareness through Visualization, a project to research visualizations, mobile technology, and event monitoring to increase people’s awareness of interaction choices relevant to security (with support from NSF and Intel).


Ariadne a Java-based plug-in to the Eclipse IDE that visualizes the social networks present in distributed software projects (with support from IBM).


Yancees configurable and extensible software architectures to provide versatility to event notification services (with support from NSF).


EDEM Expectation Driven Event Monitoring, a project and software infrastructure for JAVA to monitor usability events and package results in a way that software engineers could more easily integrate into a project lifecycle (with support from NSF and DARPA).


ARGO a software design environment incorporating the idea of software critics, wizards, and a few other ideas based on cognitive theories of design (with support from NSF and DARPA).


CASSIUS an event notification server for collaborative software, including group memory systems (with support from NSF and DARPA).


Knowledge Depot a group memory system based on email (with support from NSF and DARPA).


Explainer a software tool to support reuse through example-based explanation.