Ronen Vaisenberg

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Current Class:

oOperating Systems (UCI\ICS143), 2009 (Complete lecture recordings available - see Stream Viewer below)

Previous Classes Taught:

oCompilers and Interpreters (UCI\ICS142), 2008

oDiscrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists (UCI\ICS6B), 2008

oComputer Architecture for Computer Scientists (UCI\ICS51), 2007

Stream Viewer for ICS143 Students

Stream Viewer is an application for the visualization and synchronization of streams. The link above (click the title “Stream Viewer”) illustrates the system’s capabilities in the context of an online version of my discussion sessions.

-- You’ll need quicktime installed to use the system.

Grading application

I’ve developed an automated grading application for other T.A’s to use. Program assumes that you have test cases and expected output and student submission is to be evaluated based on the difference between the generated output and expected one.

Infinite loops are taken care of by timeout.To get the submission date, it has to issue a windows specific command, either run it from windows or send me the code to get the date from linux. Currently it will return -1 for check of file creation date if windows command fails. Here is the application (Source is Jarred, please let me know if any changes needed)


Here is the excel spreadsheet, paste the output in the spreadsheet under rawOutput tab, and the grade, student comment, should be updated in the grades tab.