TIPPERS: Testbed for IoT-based Privacy-Preserving PERvasive Spaces at UC Irvine, USA (2016-present)
Funding agency: DARPA
Role: Post-Doc
TIPPERS is a system that manages IoT smart spaces by collecting sensor data, inferring semantically meaningful information from it, and offering such inferences to developers to create smart applications.
Sensor data collection, processing, and sharing leads to potential violations of people's privacy given the sensitivity of the data and the inferences that can be extracted from it. TIPPERS integrates different privacy enhancing technologies, such as policy-based access control and secure computing, to deal with privacy issues in IoT data management.

WWH: World Wide Herd at Ben-Gurion University, Israel (2015-2016)
Funding agency: Dell EMC
Role: PhD Student
WWH is a system that extends the standard Apache Hadoop for executing applications at different locations in the world, by running one instance of Hadoop at each, but under an umbrela. WWH pushes computations as much as possible to local sides before computing the final answer at a global side, which receives partial results from different sides. Data collection and sharing from different sides bring the challenge of data security and privacy.