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Department of Computer Science University of California, Irvine
  CS 132 Project

Choosing a topic:

Please choose a topic that focuses on a networking technology and/or on a networking application. You should not focus exclusively on a technology at OSI layer 1. If you choose an application that lies at OSI layer 7, you should relate it to other standardized application layer protocols and/or relate it to requirements at lower layers.

You cannot cover material covered in lecture.

Your project will consist of learning about the topic and reporting what you have learned. You are not expected to build or design anything.

Learning about your topic:

You should find and read information related to your topic. This information should be composed of a few independent sources. You can use any source that you deem reliable. Here are a few magazines that I believe are generally reliable, to give you a few examples:

UCI has online subscriptions to these and many other publications. To take advantage of this, you must either use a computer on the UCI campus or use the UCI VPN.

A reasonable amount of information would probably be 3-5 articles from these magazines, or a corresponding amount from other sources.

Initial Report (due May 17)

Write a 1-2 page report explaining the scope of your project. Include an initial list of your references.

Turn in the initial report by May 17 10pm:

  1. If your report is in a format other than Word or PDF, then convert it to PDF. There are several free conversion tools on the Internet.
  2. Post the report in the Gradescope assignment called "Project Initial Report".

Final Report (due May 24):

Your report should be approximately 4-5 pages, not including the bibliography.


  1. Author of the document.
  2. Title of the document (e.g. article title or web page title).
  3. Venue where the document was published (e.g. journal, conference, magazine, publisher, name of website).
  4. Where to find the document within the venue (e.g. volume number and page number, or path within webpage sitemap), if available.
  5. Date written; for webpages without a date written include the date accessed.
  6. URL, if the reference is available online. This should be the direct URL provided by the venue, if available. I should be able to put this URL in my webrowser and immediately obtain the reference.

Turn in the final report by May 24 at 10pm:

  1. If your report is in a format other than Word or PDF, then convert it to PDF. There are several free conversion tools on the Internet.
  2. You must upload your report onto two websites:
    1. Enroll in the CS 132 class in The website offers a quick start guide as well as more detailed instructions. You will need to create an account and enroll in the class turnitin account. The class id is [to be announced]. We will email you the enrollment password. Then upload your report in either Word or PDF format into the "Project Final Report" folder. Post the report to After you have submitted the report, wait a minute or two for turnitin to produce a Similarity Report. Then view the Similarity Report. If the Similarity Report shows any significant problems (e.g. if the icon for the Similarity Report is yellow or red), then consider revising your report and repeating this step.
    2. Post the file in the Gradescope assignment called "Project Final Report".


We will assign scores for preparation (how well did you demonstrate that you know the material), content (which material did you include in your report), and presentation (how well did you communicate this information in the report).

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