Shu Kong (Aimery)

I am a computer science PhD candidate at Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, UC Irvine. I work at the Computational Vision Group where I am advised by Prof. Charless Fowlkes. I expect to graduate in 2019. This poster is a non-inclusive summary of my work during my PhD.

My research focuses on "computer vision through learning" that includes vision tasks from low-level (deblur, denoising, super-resolution), to mid-level (boundary, depth, normal, instance proposal, tracklet) and high-level (semantic instance segmentation, textual grounding etc.). Besides performance, I also care about other factors, like model size, inference computation FLOPS, processing speed, etc. I also study the learning protocol, roughly concerned of fully/weakly/self supervised learning and how to leverage synthetic data for better learning.

In the mean time, I actively utilize my algorithms to high-throughput microscope image analysis, spanning biology, neuronscience and phytology. I believe such practice will not only advance scientific understanding of vision algorithms, but also become increasingly important in developing intelligent robotic systems with broad societal impact and accelerating interdisciplinary scientific research.

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