Shu Kong (Aimery)

I am a computer science PhD candidate at Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, UC Irvine. I work at the Computational Vision Group where I am advised by Prof. Charless Fowlkes.

My research focuses on "Ubiquitous Fine-Grained Computer Vision". For example, rather than categorizing images or finding semantic segments, one can aspire to identify objects' specific sub-category within an entry level category and infer their precise geometrical layout in the image. Solving such fine-grained computer vision problems requires allocating great attention to details, and poses novel challenges and difficulties, whose solution will not only advance scientific understanding of vision algorithms, but also become increasingly important in developing intelligent robotic systems with broad societal impact and accelerating interdisciplinary scientific research. An overview (but dated) of my research can be found in the one-page research statement.

Aspiring to attacking fine-grained computer vision problems, I'm collaborating/working closely with Prof. Deva Ramanan, Prof. Olivier Cinquin, Prof. Surangi Punyasena, Prof. Zachary Pincus, Prof. Feng Zhou, and Prof. Yezhou Yang on a variety of inter-disciplinary research projects, spanning biology, phytology, physiology and psychology, in which the data provides a good testbed for exploring novel algorithms.

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