CS 175: Project in Artificial Intelligence, Winter 2018

General Information

Course Description:
Students in this project class will work in 2 to 3 person teams to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and apply them to a range of different problems related to natural language and text analysis. These problems can include, for example, document classification and clustering, sentiment analysis, dialog/chatbot systems, information extraction, word prediction, text synthesis, question-answering systems, and so on. Projects can make use of real-world publicly-available data from sources such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Reddit, news articles, product and movie reviews, email data sets, the US patent database, and more.

Piazza Class Website:
We will use Piazza for questions, online discussion, announcements, etc. Please use the Piazza class forum as your first option for asking questions outside of class or office hours. Please also feel free to answer other students' questions, to initiate discussions on project-related topics, etc. To communicate directly with only the instructor you can send a private message to the instructor within Piazza.

These online texts will provide very useful starting points and background material for your projects

Links to Project Resources


Grading Policy
Final grades will be based on the following weighted combination:

Academic Integrity
Please read the guidelines on academic integrity below. Academic integrity is taken seriously in this class.