CS 175: Project in Artificial Intelligence, Winter 2021

General Information

Course Description:
Students in this project class will work in teams to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and apply them to a range of different problems related to natural language and text analysis. These problems can include, for example, document classification and clustering, sentiment analysis, dialog/chatbot systems, information extraction, word prediction, text synthesis, question-answering systems, and so on. Projects can make use of real-world publicly-available data from sources such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Reddit, news articles, product and movie reviews, email data sets, the US patent database, and more.

There will be 2 individual assignments in the first 2 weeks of the course and then project reports and updates (by group) after that.

Grading Policy
A weighted combination of Assignments 1 and 2 (10% each, individual submission), project proposal (20%, team-based), progress report (20%, team-based), weekly updates (10%, individual submission), in-class presentation (5%, team-based), and final report (25%, team-based).

Academic Integrity
Please read the guidelines on academic integrity below. Academic integrity is taken seriously in this class.