ICS 6B - Boolean Algebra & Logic - Spring 2010

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Homework assignments

Unless otherwise indicated, all problems are from [Rosen].

Each homework will be graded on the scale 0-2: A few selected problems from each problem set will be graded for correctness (one point), and the remainder of the homework will not be graded for correctness but only for effort (one point).

Homework is to be submitted on the table in the front of the lecture room before the start of lecture.
Homework will not be accepted after lecture of the due date.
  • Exercises from Sections 12.1-4 for practice before final (not a formal homework to be handed in)
  • Solutions to tests 5,6,7 (handwritten). [First page of quiz 6 (ver1) is mistakenly placed at the beginning of the file: It should be page 7, after the three versions of quiz 5.]