ICS H22, Winter 2006

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Handouts, assignments and topics (approximate, as thaught last quarter):

Week Dates Lab
(from the GT textbook)
Week 1 Jan 9-13

Lab 1
(optional, due Wed, Jan 18)
see also Lab1.doc

(changed: due Tue, Jan 24, in class)

Recursion: Sec.3.5
Java basics: Ch.1
Recursion (Lec1.ppt)
Java Basics Review (Classes and Methods):  (Lec2.ppt)
Friday discussion: Java Basics (Strings, Base Types) (Dis2.ppt)
Week 2 Jan 16-20

Lab 2
(due Fri, Jan 27, 23:59pm)

Example solution: Lab2.zip (this solution is good but not perfect: please read the TA's "comments.txt" note in the zip file!)


Java basics: Ch.1 

Java Basics Review (Assignment, Arithmetics, Casting, Control Flow): (Lec3.ppt)
Wednesday discussion: Loops: (Dis3.ppt)
Thursday: Methods, Parameter Passing, Variable Scoping: (Lec4.ppt)
Friday discussion: Static/Dynamic methods and variables, Arrays: (Dis4.ppt)

Week 3 Jan 23-27

Lab 3
(due Tue, Feb 7, 23:59pm)

Three example solutions: Lab3 (see the TA's comments in each. One solution uses the simple Array, and the other two use the generic ArrayList.)

(due Tue, Jan 31, in class)

Java inheritance and polymorphism: Ch.2 

Class Hierarchy, Exception Handling: (Lec5.ppt)
this/super, Abstract Classes (Dis5.ppt)
Polymorphism, Dynamic Dispatch (Lec6 and Dis6.ppt)
Directory with Examples in the Lecture & Discussion

Week 4 Jan 30 -  Feb 3   Hw3.txt
(due Thu, Feb 9, in class)

Interfaces and generics in Ch.2

Algorithm analysis: Ch.4

Interfaces (Lec6.ppt)
Example: Comparable Interface

Analysis of Algorithms, O-notation, (Lec7.ppt)

Week 5 Feb 6-10

Lab 4
(due Wed, Feb 15, 10am)

  Recurrence relations: Sec.11.1.5 

Correctness and Running Time of Recursive Algorithms,
Recurrence Relations

(no powerpoint notes: all done on the blackboard...) 

Week 6 Feb 13-17     Hw4 (due Wed, Feb 22)  Chapter 5 and Sections 3.2-3

Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists
(GTLec5) (GTLec6) (GTLec4)

Week 7 Feb 20-24 Thursday Feb 23: Midterm Exam  

Section 6.1.5

Growing Arrays (Lec8.ppt)

Week 8 Feb 27-March 3   Lab 5
(due Fri, Mar 10, 11:59pm)

(due Tue, Mar 7, in class)

Solutions: sol5.txt

Chapter 6: Sections 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.5 
Chapter 8: Sections 8.1, 8.2

Array Lists, Node Lists, Iterators (Lec9.ppt)

Favorite Lists, Move-to-Front Heuristic (on blackboard...)
Priority Queues (Lec10.ppt)

Week 9 March 6-10     Hw6.txt
(due Wed, Mar 15, in class)

Chapter 7: Sections 7.1, 7.3,
Chapter 8: Section 8.3

Chapter 7:  Sections 7.1, 7.2 

Binary Trees, Heaps (Lec11.ppt)

General Trees, Tree Traversal Algorithms (Lec12.ppt)

 Week 10 March 13-17     

  Chapter 9: Sections 9.1, 9.3

Chapter 9: Section 9.2

Maps, Dictionaries (Lec13.ppt)

Hash Functions and Hash Tables (Lec14.ppt)

Finals Week March 20-24        FINAL EXAM