Lecture: Tu Th 9:30am-10:50am in DBH 1300 Discussion: W 1:00pm-1:50pm in DBH 1300 instructor: Hal Stern office: 2216 Bren Hall phone: 949-824-1568 email: office hours: W 2:00-3:00pm

Course documents will be made available here: Syllabus Handout on installing R and RStudio Two-sample example (essay creativity/reward) (9/27/18) (data, R code) Example used in R demonstration (10/3/18) (data, R code) Paired t-test example (schizophrenia data) ANOVA example (SENIC data from HW 2) Sample R Markdown command file (.Rmd), the SENIC data it uses and the results Randomized block ANOVA example and the auditor training data it uses Simple regression example and the university admissions data it uses Multiple regression example and the Oregon home price data it uses Multiple regression example expanded to include code (e.g., simpleanova function) and output Multiple regression coefficient/diagnostics R code and real estate data (Appendix C.7 in the text) Nonlinearity example and creatinine clearance data Weighted least squares example (uses real estate data) Correlated errors example and money data Non-normal errors (outliers) example and copier data Two-factor factorial example and paragraph memory study data (from HW 9) Homeworks: Homework 1 (assigned 9/27, due 10/4) ASA Statement on p-values Solutions to HW 1 (posted 10/11) Homework 2 (assigned 10/4, due 10/11) SENIC data (question 4) Solutions to HW 2 (posted 10/18) Homework 3 (assigned 10/11, due 10/18) Prostate data (question 4) Solutions to HW 3 (posted 10/25) Homework 4 (assigned 10/18, due 10/25) Weed Control data (question 2) Solutions to HW 4 (posted 11/1) Homework 5 (assigned 10/25, due 11/1) Ischemic disease data (question 2) Solutions to HW 5 (posted 11/4) Homework 6 (assigned 11/1, due 11/15) Note 1: Uses same data as HW 5 Note 2: Problems 1 & 2 are relevant to 11/6 midterm Solutions to HW 6 (posted 11/29) Homework 7 (assigned 11/15, due 11/29) Navy dormitory data (question 3) Solutions to HW 7 (posted 12/6) Homework 8 (assigned 11/29, due 12/6) Salary discrimination data (question 4) Solutions to HW 8 (posted 12/9) Homework 9 (posted 12/6 with solutions) Paragraph memory study data (question 1) Solutions to HW 9 (posted 12/6) Exams: Sample midterm (from 2009) -- FIGURE CORRECTED Solutions to sample midterm (from 2009) Tables that I have given out for exams in the past 2018 Midterm Exam solutions (Note: There were multiple versions of midterm. Same questions on each but the order varied.) Sample final exam - data analysis (from 2007) Sample final exam (from 2007) Output accompanying final Solutions to sample final (includes some comments on data analysis) 2018 Final Exam - data analysis question (handed out 12/6, due 12/13 at 8am) Smoking and lung function data Note: First column variable name has been modified to Ident for technical reasons. 2018 Final Exam - in-class questions with accompanying output and solutions (including data analysis comments) Lecture Notes: Initial lecture notes (thru approx 10/18) Lecture notes - part II (thru approx 11/27) Lecture notes - part III (with bonus material!!)
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