Informatics 117: Project in Software System Development

Winter Quarter 2009


You have substantial flexibility in choosing the specific form for the content of your deliverables. Below is a list of items that should be included in your first deliverable, a project prospectus. There is no need to select a manager and clerical support for this deliverable nor will you be doing performance appraisals at this point. Rather you should use this opportunity to brainstorm and get to know each other.

One of your major tasks for the current period of time is developing an understanding of the various technologies and tasks concerned with your project. This includes the tools and techniques that you will use in accomplishing your task as well as the technologies that you will be extending, enhancing, or changing.

In this deliverable you should reflect your newly gained understanding by writing an introduction to your project that highlights its various important aspects.

Due Date: January 20th

1. Technical Marketing Sheet

Include a one or two page technical marketing sheet (a bit more technical than a "sales brochure") suitable for describing your product to a technically literate outside audience. This document should be successful in reflecting that you really understand what problem is being solved and can articulate how your product will add value.

2. Project Plan

Use the outline below in presenting your project plan. Note that your future deliverables will include updates to this plan, so treat this as a living document -- one that you actually get value from.

Prospectus Presentations/Reviews.

Each team must prepare a 15 minute presentation, after which we will engage in Q&A. Prepare your presentation appropriately. Your presentation should describe both your technical marketing and your project plan. Focus on the essential issues: the key technical goals, challenges, and risks. Don't spend air time on the obvious.