Assignment 1
Set up 3D Lunar Lander
Due Wednesday, April 23, 2008, at 11pm via Checkmate

In this Assignment you will set up your environment to install the Lunar Lander (LL) code and understand its architecture.

Part 1. Set up your environment

Follow the instructions and considerations included in the Discussion's Slides to complete the steps to set up your environment.
  1. Install Eclipse
  2. Install Subclipse plug-in
  3. Install ArchStudio plug-in
  4. Install ArchStudio and Myx Source Code
  5. Install Lunar Lander
  6. Install OpenGL Libraries for Windows or for MAC
  7. Run ArchStudio
  8. In the new Eclipse Instance:
    1. Install Myx Source Code
    2. Install Lunar Lander
  9. Run Lunar Lander
  10. Commit LL code in SVN

Part 2. Discussion

2.1 (20 points) Discuss your experience setting up your environment. Comment what was the easiest and most difficult element to install? What was the easiest and most difficult element to configure?
2.2 (50 points) List all the components in the Lunar Lander architecture and describe the responsibility of each component in the architecture.
2.3 (10 points) Discuss what are the different types of connectors used in the architecture. What is the difference between these types?
2.4 (10 points) Do you consider that this architecture could be improved? How? If not, why not?
2.5 (10 points) Include a screen shot of the SVN Repository View in your report showing the LL code you committed in your repository in Step 10.


Your assignment must be submitted electronically to Checkmate. You will submit:
  • Report.pdf including the answers to the discussion questions and screen shot requested in Part 2.