ICS Theory Group

ICS 269, Fall 2005: Theory Seminar

The Rainbow Skip Graph: A Fault-Tolerant Constant-Degree Distributed Data Structure

Michael Nelson

October 14, 2005, in CS 259


We present a distributed data structure, which we call the rainbow skip graph. To our knowledge, this is the first peer- to-peer data structure that simultaneously achieves high fault-tolerance, constant-sized nodes, and fast update and query times for ordered data. It is a non-trivial adaptation of the SkipNet/skip-graph structures of Harvey et al. and Aspnes and Shah, so as to provide fault-tolerance as these structures do, but to do so using constant-sized nodes, as in the family tree structure of Zatloukal and Harvey. It supports successor queries on a set of n items using O(log n) messages with high probability, an improvement over the expected O(log n) messages of the family tree.

(Joint work by Michael T. Goodrich, Michael J. Nelson, and Jonathan Z. Sun.)