ICS Theory Group

January 15, Winter Quarter 2010: Theory Seminar

1:00pm in 1423 Bren Hall

An Overview of Techniques for Provable Data Possession

Rishab Nithyanand, UC Irvine

Presenting a paper by Ateniese et al., from CCS 2007

Abstract: Provable data possession (PDP) allows a client to efficiently verify that an untrusted server possesses some data that was outsourced to it by a client. In this talk, I will present the work of Ateniese et al. (CCS 2007), which was the first paper in the area to formalize the PDP framework and model. If time permits, I will move on to talking about the more recent paper by Erway et al. (CCS 2009) which introduces the concept of verification of dynamic updates in outsourced data (Dynamic PDP).