CS 269S, Winter 2011: Theory Seminar
ICS 243
13 May 2011:

Speaker: Michael Bannister

Complexity of Finding Non-Planar Rectilinear Drawings of Graphs

by Manuch, Patterson, Poon and Thachuk

We study the complexity of the problem of finding non-planar rectilinear drawings of graphs. This problem is known to be NP-complete. We consider natural restrictions of this problem where constraints are placed on the possible orientations of edges. In particular, we show that if each edge has prescribed direction "left", "right", "down" or "up", the problem of finding a rectilinear drawing is polynomial, while finding such a drawing with the minimum area is NP-complete. When assigned directions are "horizontal" or "vertical" or a cyclic order of the edges at each vertex is specified, the problem is NP-complete. We show that these two NP-complete cases are fixed parameter tractable in the number of vertices of degree 3 or 4.