ICS Theory Group

ICS 269, Fall 2000: Theory Seminar

The theory group meets Fridays at 1:00pm, usually in the CS 432 conference room; note, however, that on 10/6 and 11/3 we will be meeting in CS2 144.

Here is this quarter's schedule. (Clicking on the title gives the abstract where available.)

Sep 29 CS 432   Organizational Meeting
Oct 6 CS2 144 Marek Chrobak Broadcasting and Gossiping in Radio Networks
Oct 13 Cancelled    
Oct 20 CS 432 David Goggin A presentation based on Suzuki, I., Yamashita, M., Distributed anonymous mobile robots: formation of geometric patterns. SIAM Journal on Computing (1999) 28, 4. pp. 1347-63
Oct 27 CS 432 David Hart Approximating the Shortest Path in a Line Arrangement
Nov 3 CS2 144   Postponed
Nov 10 Cancelled   Veteran's Day
Nov 17 CS 432   Discussion of FOCS
Nov 24 Cancelled   Thanksgiving weekend
Dec 1 CS 432 Joseph Wang Fast Approximation of Centrality (joint work with David Eppstein) Note: this talk is to be given at 1:20 pm, as part of the Southern California Theory Day.
Dec 8 CS 432 Javid Hüseynov A presentation based on S. Felsner and K. Kriegel, Triangles in Euclidean Arrangements. Discrete Computational Geometry 22 (1999), pp. 429-438.

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