ICS Theory Group

ICS 269, Spring 2003: Theory Seminar

The Theory Group meets Fridays at 1:00pm in the CS 432 conference room.

Below is the current status of this quarter's schedule.

April 4 CS 432   organizational meeting
April 11 ICS2 136 Gwendoline Chien Media-on-Demand
April 18 CS 432 Amitabh Bagchi Resilience and Load Balancing in Peer to Peer Networks
April 25 CS 432 Josiah Carlson Lempel-Ziv-Huffman, Using Huffman Compression to Improve Lempel-Ziv
May 2 CS 432 Jesper Byskov Exact algorithms for Exact Satisfiability
May 9 CS 432 Kevin Wortman
May 16 TBA None Phase II Exam
May 23 CS 432 Matthew Nguyen TBA
May 30 CS 432 John Augustine TBA
June 6 CS 432 Jonathan Sun TBA

Previous quarters' theory seminars