ICS Theory Group

CompSci 269S, Spring/Summer 2014: Theory Seminar

The Theory Group normally meets Fridays at 1:00pm; this quarter we are in ICS 243.

Below is this quarter's schedule.

April 4: Organizational meeting
April 11: Sotorios Kentros: Asynchronous adaptive task allocation
April 18: Jenny Lam: An O(log k)-competitive algorithm for generalized caching
April 25: Joe Simons: New dynamics in geometric data structures
May 2: John Augustine: Storage and search in dynamic peer-to-peer networks
May 9: Will Devanny: Sort me if you can: how to sort dynamic data
May 16: Mike Goodrich: Zig-zag sort: A simple deterministic data-oblivious sorting algorithm running in O(n log n) time
Paweł Pszona: Shortest cycle through specified elements
May 23: Michael Bannister: The complexity of order type isomorphism
Zachary Becker: Beacon-based algorithms for geometric routing
May 30: Chris Wood: A constant factor approximation algorithm for reordering buffer management
June 6: Jack Cheng: Shortest two disjoint paths in polynomial time

Special seminar:
July 2: Roberto Tamassia: Shuffling Data into Cloud Oblivion

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