ICS Theory Group

ICS 269, Winter 2004: Theory Seminar

The Theory Group meets Fridays at 1:00pm, usually in the CS 432 conference room.

Below is the current status of this quarter's schedule.

Jan 16 CS 432 organizational meeting  
Jan 23 CS 432 Sara Miner More, UCSD Anonymous Credentials with Biometrically-Enforced Non-Transferability
Jan 30 CS 432 Amic Chaudhary Split flows and elusive outliers: solving two problems in modern computing
Feb 6 CS 432 Josiah Carlson Reducing the Space Requirements of an Ordered Set
Feb 13 CS 432 Amitabha Bagchi Routing in highly dynamic network communities
Feb 20 CS 432 Kevin Wortman An Optimal Randomized Algorithm for Maximum Tukey Depth
Feb 27 CS 432 John Augustine A Scheduling Model for Reduced CPU Energy
Mar 5 CS 432 Jonathan (Zheng) Sun What of the input can we explore besides n?
Mar 12 CS 432 Jeremy (Yu) Meng Meldable RAM priority queues and minimum spanning trees
Mar 19 CS 432 Matthew Nguyen Rank-Maximal Matchings
Mar 19 CS 432 Gwendoline Chien Switch Scheduling

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