ICS Theory Group

CompSci 269S, Winter 2009: Theory Seminar

The Theory Group meets Fridays at 1:00pm; this quarter we are in ICS, room 253. Below is this quarter's schedule.

January 9: Organizational Meeting
January 16: SODA Report
January 23: TBA
January 30: Sandy Irani, Computational Complexity of Quantum Systems
February 6: Darren Strash A New Approach to Incremental Toppological Ordering
February 13: Rishab Nithyanand Sudoku as a SAT Problem
February 20: Kevin Wortman Asymptotically Optimal Frugal Colouring
February 27: Lowell Trott A Separator Theorem For Planar Graphs
March 6: Nate Gertsch Fast Approximation of the Neighborhood Function for Massive Graphs
March 13: Nodari Sitchinava External Memory Geometric Data Structures and Their Parallelization

Previous quarters' theory seminars