ICS Theory Group

CompSci 269S, Winter 2010: Theory Seminar

The Theory Group normally meets Fridays at 1:00pm; this quarter we are in Bren Hall, Room 1427.

Below is this quarter's schedule.

January 7: Matthias Mnich, Domination When the Stars Are Out
January 14: Organizational meeting
January 21: Joe Simons, Invertible Bloom Lookup Tables
January 28: Nicolaos Matsakis, Improved Approximation Algorithms for Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree and TSP
February 4: Saumi Bandyopadhyay, Top-K Color Queries for Document Retrieval
February 11: Audrey Hesse, An O(log log n)-Competitive Binary Search Tree with Optimal Worst-Case Access Times
February 16: Roberto Tamassia, Optimal Authentication of Operations on Dynamic Sets, 3pm in Bren 3011
February 25: Lowell Trott, Embedding Stacked Polytopes on a Polynomial-Size Grid
March 4: Darren Strash, Pairing Heaps: Where are they now?
March 11: Michael Bannister, The Power of Simple Tabulation Hashing

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