ICS Theory Group

CompSci 269S, Winter 2019: Theory Seminar

The Theory Group normally meets Fridays at 1:00pm; this quarter we are in DBH 1423.

Below is this quarter's schedule.

Jan 11
Nil Mamano
New Geometric Applications of the Nearest-Neighbor Chain Algorithm
Jan 18
Juan Besa
Title: Taming The Knights Tour: Minimizing Turns and Crossings
Jan 25
Karthik Gajulapalli
Title: In pursuit of a Randomized Time Hierarchy Theorem
Feb 1
James Liu
Title: Recharging Bandits
Pedro Matias
Title: Graph Reconstruction and Verification
Feb 8
Seminar cancelled
Feb 15
Samir Khuller, University of Maryland
Title: On Algorithmic Questions motivated by Data Center Scheduling
Feb 22
Martha Osegueda
Title: Two-Dots is NP-complete
Elham Havvaei
Title: On the complexity of reconfiguration problems
March 1
Ceasar Aguma
Title: Simple and Nearly Optimal Mutli-item Auctions
Rob Gevorkyan
Title: GRASP—A New Search Algorithm for Satisfiability
March 8
Daniel Frishberg
Title: Hierarchical clustering: objective functions and algorithms
March 15
Hadi Khodabandeh
Title: Stable fractional matchings
Ramtin Afshar
Title: Graph Reconstruction and Verification

See also the ACO seminar (Thursdays 2-3).

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