ICS 139W Spring 2005
Course News

Check back here every day or so. I will generally post important coursewide announcements here. They will be listed in reverse-chronological order (i.e. newest items first).

Date Added News Item
W 6/22 The final course grades are now available.
W 6/15 The Promotion scores are now listed on the Grades page, along with the peer-editing session for the Promotion. I'm still grading the Change Proposals; the scores will be available as soon as I get 'em done.
M 6/13 The Introduction and Tutorial scores are now listed on the Grades page. Also, the peer-editing sessions for the Introduction and Tutorial and the long-lost typography and graphics exercise are now included in the class participation score.
M 6/13 My office hours during finals week will be Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00-4:30pm.
Su 6/5 Another batch of grade updates is available. Influencing Policy scores, including the peer-editing sessions, are now available. (The Influencing Policy papers will be redistributed in class tomorrow; please wait to ask Chris about your scores until then.) Also available are oral presentation scores through Friday, June 3, including feedback credit.
Sa 6/4 Several of the Writing Instructions scores were attributed to the wrong students on the course grades page. These have now been fixed.
F 6/3 The course grades to date are now available.
M 5/23 On Wednesday, when you bring the second draft of your Change Proposal, I welcome you to bring an extra copy and submit it to me for feedback. I'll return it to you with my feedback by Wednesday, June 1. (Please do bring an extra copy, rather than submitting a peer-edited copy to me.)
F 5/6 The oral presentation schedule is now available.
F 4/29 A few Schedule updates are now available.
W 4/20 A large batch of Schedule updates is now available, including all future due dates for all assignments. Also available today is the Influencing Policy assignment, the first draft of which is due on Wednesday, April 27. We're approaching the point in the quarter beyond which the assignments begin to overlap quite a bit, so be sure to plan ahead and work early when necessary.
W 4/20 Our TA, Chris Jensen, has put up his own 139W site that you will likely find useful.
M 4/18 We have been moved to a new classroom! Fortunately, it's a "technology enhanced classroom," which will help us greatly with our oral presentations later in the quarter, and probably other points along the way. We will begin meeting in PSCB 120 on Wednesday, April 20.
W 4/13 There has been some question about how to submit the final version of your Writing Instructions paper. Final versions of all assignments are to be submitted only electronically, using the Checkmate system. You'll need to register yourself for the course before you can submit. Note that there are two ICS 139W courses this quarter, so we had to come up with unique names for them: Jim Arvo's course is listed in Checkmate as "I&C SCI 139Wa" and ours is listed as "I&C SCI 139Wb." Please be sure that you register for the right one.
W 4/13 A few Schedule updates are available. I've gotten a lot of the Changing the System proposals already; keep 'em coming!
M 4/11 I've decided on office hours for this quarter: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-5:15pm, and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm in CS 408F.
Su 4/10 The Enrollment Status page is now available, for those of you wanting to add the course.
F 4/8 The first two writing assignments are now available. Be sure to have a look at the Schedule for a list of due dates, as these two assignments overlap one another. At this time, most of the due dates for the various parts of the Changing the System assignment are not yet announced.
M 4/4 Discussions will begin meeting on Tuesday, April 12. For more information about meeting times of discussions, see the Course Reference. For information about the lectures, see the Schedule.

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