ICS 139W Spring 2005
Writing Assignments


This quarter, you will be working on several writing assignments. They will vary in size and depth, and they will overlap one another, so that you will sometimes be working on more than one of them simultaneously. Writing quality prose, like writing quality code, often takes a good deal longer than you originally think, so it will be important for you to budget your time accordingly. We'll be available to help along the way, of course.

The assignments

The writing assignments are listed below. Note that the order in which the assignments are listed can sometimes be misleading, because multiple assignments will often be in progress simultaneously. Be sure to refer to the Schedule often to keep track of impending due dates, which will be announced piecemeal throughout the quarter.

Requirements and submissions

Before you begin working on each assignment, you should read the Writing Assignment Requirements document, which details various requirements you should be aware of. Before submitting each assignment, be sure to skim the How to Submit Assignments document, which explains the procedure you'll need to follow.