ICS 142 Winter 2004
Enrollment List, Round 1

Introduction (please read this first!)

As we've discussed a few times in lecture, this course is unfortunately quite full. By the end of last week (Friday, January 16), I had received 23 petitions from students wanting to add the course, plus another five from students who wanted to switch sections. After some drops last week, and my agreement to admit a total of 226 students into the course (113 per section) instead of 225, there were seven available seats for adds as I sat down to deal with the first round of enrollments.

Things you need to know:

Students who must now change sections

IDSuffix lists the last four digits of your UCI ID#.

IDSuffixNew section
1924Sec. 1
2016Sec. 2
2099Sec. 1
3059Sec. 1
4424Sec. 1

Students who are now authorized to add

2689Sec. 2
3219Sec. 1
3837Sec. 2
4088Sec. 2
5560Sec. 2
6779Sec. 1
8220Sec. 2