ICS 142 Winter 2004
Enrollment List, Round 2

You're going to like this...

Since the beginning of the quarter, we've been talking about enrollment issues, given that the course has been full since the very beginning, with a rather large number of students wanting to add. For the first time in my teaching career, it appeared that I would need to turn people away from one of my courses. I wasn't happy with the prospect, but there wasn't much choice.

Then a rather amazing thing happened. Some people dropped the first week. Some more people dropped the second week. Not everyone who was authorized to add during the first round of adds got their add cards signed on time. 20 seats had materialized that I didn't think I was going to have. I started to think about my options.

Look, there technically isn't space in the class for everyone. So I've decided that I'm going to make the class a little bit bigger. There was no way I was going to bloat the class to 260 students (which is what it looked like on Day 1). But roughly 235 (which is where it would end up if I added everyone who was not offered a seat during Round 1) is a manageable number given our resources. All of this leads me to the following conclusion:

If you were denied the opportunity to add during Round 1, you are now welcome to get your add card signed by me anytime this week. If you do not get your add card signed this week, there will not be another opportunity.

If you're one of these students, come see me before or after class or during office hours with an add card and I'll take care of it.

Happy compiling... :)