ICS 142 Winter 2004
Final Exam Study Guide


This study guide is a summary of the lecture material covered since the midterm.

The final exam will be comprehensive, so you should be sure to understand the concepts and algorithms that we covered before the midterm. As you prepare for the exam, be sure to look over the Midterm Study Guide, which is a summary of lecture material that was covered before the midterm.

While I don't intend to include questions on the final testing tiny details from the textbook that were not covered in lecture, you are responsible for the assigned readings. Broad ideas and important points from the readings are fair game for the exam, even if we didn't cover them in lecture. I haven't included this material in the study guide. Off-limits topics from before the midterm (listed in the Midterm Study Guide) will remain off-limits for the final.

The study guide

First of all, what about JFlex and CUP?

Semantic analysis and abstract syntax trees

Symbol tables

Interpreters vs. compilers

Source-level interpreters using abstract syntax trees

Linear intermediate representations

Do you really expect me to have memorized all the ILOC instructions?

Run-time organization

Intermediate code generation


Instruction scheduling