ICS 21 / CSE 21 Summer 2012
Final Course Grades

Explanation (please read this first!)

Please spend a couple of minutes reading this section. It will answer many of the questions that you may have about the grading process, and will save you a lot of upset waiting for a response to a question asked via email.

Here are the final grades for ICS 21 and CSE 21. By University regulations, at this stage, the cutpoints and the grades are non-negotiable, unless we made a clerical error, such as recording a score incorrectly. (Seriously! This means you! Despite this warning, I often get at least one email that begin with a phrase like "I know you said that the cutpoints are non-negotiable, but..." There is no "but" here.)

There were 25 points possible on the Final. The average score on the Final was 13.12 (52.48%), with a high score of 20.

How do I know which scores are mine?

Each student is identified here by a Rank, beginning with the highest overall percentage and ending with the lowest. In the event of a tie, ranks were assigned randomly, as their only purpose here is to provide a unique identifier. Each of you should have received an email from me (at your @uci.edu email address) identifying your rank.

What do the columns mean?

Here is an explanation of the various columns:

There are a few words to be said about the selection of cutpoints. People are cutpoints; whole-numbered percentages are not. That means that the cutpoint for a particular grade is simply the lowest-scoring person who received that grade. For the sake of argument, if you received a percentage of 54.99% in the class, and someone who received a 55.52% received a higher grade than you (with no person in between), you didn't miss the cutpoint by 0.01%; you missed it by 0.53% — a substantial margin.

I enjoyed working with you this quarter. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

The grades

1P (1)P (1)P (1)P (1)4 of 4211876.80%A+A+A+
2P (2)P (2)P (2)P (2)4 of 4182076.80%A+A+A+
3P (2)P (1)P (1)P (1)4 of 4201772.80%A+AA
4P (3)P (3)P (3)P (2)4 of 4201670.40%A+AA
5P (2)P (1)P (1)P (1)4 of 4161868.80%A+AA
6P (1)P (1)P (4)P (1)4 of 4201568.00%A+AA
7P (1)P (1)P (1)P (1)4 of 4201568.00%A+AA
8P (2)P (3)P (2)P (3)4 of 4131966.40%A+AA
9P (1)P (1)P (2)P (2)4 of 4171665.60%A+AA
10P (2)P (1)P (2)P (2)4 of 4151764.80%A+A-A-
11P (3)P (1)P (1)P (1)4 of 4171563.20%A+A-A-
12P (2)P (1)P (1)P (1)4 of 4171563.20%A+A-A-
13P (4)P (2)P (3)P (2)4 of 4181462.40%A+A-A-
14P (2)P (1)P (2)P (3)4 of 4161561.60%A+B+B+
15P (1)P (2)P (1)P (1)4 of 4171460.80%A+B+B+
16P (1)P (1)P (2)P (1)4 of 4181360.00%A+B+B+
17P (3)P (1)P (2)P (1)4 of 4111758.40%A+BB
18P (1)P (2)P (3)P (2)4 of 4171358.40%A+BB
19P (2)P (3)P (2)P (2)4 of 4171358.40%A+BB
20P (4)P (3)P (5)P (4)4 of 4131556.80%A+BB
21P (2)P (1)P (1)P (1)4 of 4111656.00%A+BB
22P (1)P (2)P (2)P (1)4 of 4171256.00%A+BB
23P (2)P (4)P (1)P (2)4 of 4171256.00%A+BB
24P (1)P (1)P (2)P (1)4 of 4131454.40%A+B-B-
25P (3)P (1)P (2)P (1)4 of 420953.60%A+B-B-
26P (1)P (1)P (3)P (4)4 of 4131352.00%A+C+C+
27P (3)P (1)P (2)P (2)4 of 4171051.20%A+C+C+
28P (1)P (1)P (3)P (3)4 of 4111451.20%A+C+C+
29P (3)P (1)P (2)P (1)4 of 4141251.20%A+C+P
30P (2)P (2)P (1)P (1)4 of 4151150.40%A+CC
31P (1)P (2)P (1)P (1)4 of 491345.60%A+C-C-
32P (1)P (1)P (3)P (1)4 of 4121043.20%A+C-C-
33P (4)P (4)P (6)P (3)4 of 4101142.40%A+C-C-
34P (3)P (2)P (4)P (1)4 of 414841.60%A+C-C-
35P (5)P (3)P (2)P (2)4 of 471240.00%A+C-C-
36P (3)P (3)P (8)P (5)4 of 471240.00%A+C-C-
37P (1)P (3)P (1)P (1)4 of 410937.60%A+D+D+
38P (3)P (2)P (1)P (4)4 of 414636.80%A+D+D+
39P (3)P (2)P (2)P (2)4 of 481036.80%A+D+D+
40P (1)P (5)P (2)P (4)4 of 411632.00%A+DD
41P (3)P (4)P (2)P (1)4 of 48832.00%A+DD
42P (1)P (2)P (3)P (1)4 of 46828.80%A+D-NP
43P (3)P (1)XX2 of 415024.00%D+FNR
44N (2)XXX0 of 410016.00%D-FNR
45N (3)N (1)XX0 of 410016.00%D-FNR
46N (1)N (1)XX0 of 47011.20%D-FNR
47XXXX0 of 4000.00%D-FNR
48N (1)XXX0 of 4000.00%D-FNR
49N (1)XXX0 of 4000.00%D-FNR