ICS 22 / CSE 22 Fall 2012
Course News

Check back here every day or so. I will generally post important coursewide announcements here. They will be listed in reverse-chronological order (i.e., newest items first).

Date Added News Item
Tu 12/18 Final course grades are now available.
Tu 11/20 A code example mirroring our conversation in lecture about interfaces, comparability, and natural ordering is now available.
Su 10/28 Last week's code example of inheritance and polymorphism is now available.
Tu 10/16 Today's code example demonstrating how to write an equals() method is now available.
F 10/12 A complete code example for our test-driven development and JUnit conversation in lecture — which we're not finished yet, but will conclude on Tuesday — is now available.
Tu 10/2 Two code examples are available: the DayOfWeek example of enums from today's lecture, along with a preview of a file-reading (with exceptions) example that we'll talk about on Thursday, but that might benefit you in your work on Project #1 sooner.
W 9/26

Welcome! A few things:

  • The first lecture will meet on Thursday, September 27 and lab sections will begin meeting on Monday, October 1. For more information about meeting times of labs, see the Course Reference. For information about lecture material and readings, see the Schedule.
  • I encourage you to spend some time reading through the material on this course web site. Notice the set of links at the top of this (and every) page, leading you to the Course Reference, the Schedule, and the Lab Manual, as well as a set of commented Code Examples that will be posted during the course of the quarter.