ICS 45C Spring 2020
How to Submit Projects

The procedure

This quarter, we're using an ICS-built system called Checkmate, which allows you to submit your projects online. In order to use it, you first have to activate your UCInetID if you haven't already. UCI provides all its students with basic computing services, including electronic mail and other Internet services, via a "UCInetID" computer account. Instructions for activating this account are available from several sources, but perhaps the easiest way is to activate your account on-line at activate.uci.edu. All students enrolled in this offering of ICS 45C need this account, both for using Checkmate, and also so that the course staff can email you when necessary. If you have not activated your UCInetID, do so immediately.

To use Checkmate once you've activated your UCInetID, all you need to do is go to checkmate.ics.uci.edu, log in using your UCInetID, and follow the instructions there. (If you get a message about security certificates, just click "Continue.")

Checkmate is not linked to the Registrar's database, so it is not aware that you are enrolled in the course; instead, you will need to register yourself for the course within Checkmate.

While it has proven to be resilient in the past, you may encounter occasional outages, unexpected behavior, or unclear error messages when using Checkmate. If you have any reason to believe that the system isn't working as you believe it should, read the instructions carefully, try it a second time, and if you're still having difficulty, send me an email describing the problem as precisely as possible. If you keep us informed about problems in a timely way, we will make sure that any problems with Checkmate won't affect your grade.

What if I want to submit more files than Checkmate will allow?

Checkmate has no practical limit on the number of files it can allow in a submission, though it will only let you submit a few at a time. After you submit the first few files, you can then submit the next few files, and so on, until all of them have been submitted.

What if I want to submit a newer version of my project before the deadline?

Checkmate allows you to remove the files you originally submitted, then resubmit new versions.

Checkmate still gives me the option to submit or delete files after the deadline. Does this mean that the due dates are meaningless?

No. Checkmate timestamps every submitted file and every file deletion. If you take action after the due date, your entire submission will be dated late and we will consider your project to be late.

What we will (and will not) grade

We will grade only what was submitted to Checkmate before the deadline. If you replaced some of your files with newer versions before the deadline, we will grade only the most recent submission of each.

We will not grade files submitted after the deadline has passed, nor will we grade files submitted via email or in paper form.

You are responsible for submitting the version of your project that you want graded. We will grade only what you submitted before the deadline. Accidentally submitting the wrong version, or forgetting to submit files, will not be considered grounds for a regrade.