ICS 46 Winter 2022
Course News

Check back here every day or so. I will generally post important coursewide announcements here. They will be listed in reverse-chronological order (i.e., newest items first).

Date Added News Item
Sa 1/22 A new set of Reinforcement Exercises is now available, along with solutions to the previous set. Additionally, some flexibility has been added to the grading policy on the exercises; see the CourseReference and the Exercises page (or the email I sent out today) for more details.
W 1/19 Project #2 is now available.
Sa 1/15 A new set of Reinforcement Exercises is now available, along with solutions to the previous set.
Sa 1/8 Project #1 and Exercise Set 1 are now available.
F 1/7 An additional batch of lab meetings, featuring the course TAs, has been added to the Course Reference.
W 1/5 The first batch of lab meetings is listed in the Course Reference. We'll be adding additional hours, featuring the course TAs, soon.
M 1/3

Welcome! Please note a couple of things as we get started this quarter:

  • This course is being offered in a virtual-remote format, which is to say that your physical presence on campus will not be required at any point during the quarter. While we are aiming to offer at least some in-person lab meetings — a schedule of lab meetings will be released toward the end of Week 1 — there will be no requirement that you attend; they're a place to get help when you need it, and we're also planning to mix in some online lab meetings, as well.
  • You may find that each course you're enrolled in this quarter runs quite differently from the others, so I encourage you to read through this course web site for details on how this course will be run. Notice the set of links at the top of this (and every) page, leading you to the Course Reference, the Schedule, and the Project Guide, as well as sets of Notes and Examples and Reinforcement Exercises that will be posted throughout the quarter.
  • Additional to this web site, you will find that there is a Canvas course space, as well as an Ed Discussion discussion board. More details about how we'll be using each of these spaces is available in the Course Reference.