ICS 65 Fall 2012
Course News

Check back here every day or so. I will generally post important coursewide announcements here. They will be listed in reverse-chronological order (i.e., newest items first).

Date Added News Item
W 12/19 The final course grades are now available.
Sa 12/8 The remaining code example and a final Schedule update are now available.
W 12/5 Recent code examples demonstrating exceptions, exception safety, and building standard-library-compliant containers are now available.
Su 12/2 Project #5 is now available.
F 11/30 Project #4 is now due on Monday, December 3 at 11:59pm.
W 11/28 A new code example demonstrating the "polymorphic clone" pattern, which is useful in Project #4, is now available.
W 11/21 Yesterday's code examples — detailing the use of template functions, template classes, and pseudorandom number generation — are now available.
Tu 11/20 I've changed the due date of Project #4 to Friday, November 30 to accommodate the holiday this week, making sure there are two more days I'll be on campus before it's due.
M 11/19 Project #4 is now available. One section of the write-up, detailing the use of the random number generators built into the C++ standard library, is still unwritten; I'll add it as soon as it's ready, but there's plenty to chew on for the time being.
Sa 11/17 Thursday's code example is now available.
W 11/14 All of the missing code examples are now available.
Th 11/8 Project #3 is now available.
W 11/7 A Schedule update is now available.
Su 10/28 I've extended the Project #2 deadline to Wednesday, November 7, for the benefit of those of you who would prefer to spend more time studying for the midterm.
F 10/26

Project #2 is now available. Also, a bug was found in the "well-behaved" Vector code example. In the assignment operator, this line:

arrayCopy(newItems, items, v.sz);

should be this instead:

arrayCopy(newItems, v.items, v.sz);

The code example has been updated to include the fix.

F 10/26 Yesterday's code example is now available.
Th 10/25 Tuesday's code example is now available.
Sa 10/20 Two new code examples and a schedule update are now available.
Tu 10/16 Today's talk about arrays has been wrapped up into an "odds-and-ends" code example.
M 10/15 There are now "TA hours" scheduled for this course. See the Course Reference for times and locations.
Su 10/14 Project #1 is now available. Some aspects of this project depend on things we'll be discussing in the upcoming week, but it should certainly be possible to get started on it. Additionally, a Schedule update is available.
W 10/10 Yesterday's code examples are now available, along with a minor Schedule update.
Su 10/7 A Schedule update is now available.
Th 9/27

Welcome! I encourage you to spend some time reading through the material on this course web site, and also to keep an eye on it as it evolves throughout the quarter. Notice the set of links at the top of this (and every) page, leading you to the Course Reference, the Schedule, and the Project Guide, as well as a set of commented Code Examples that will be posted during the course of the quarter.