Informatics 43 Spring 2009
Course Project


Pennsylvania Polyester Polytechnic University, affectionately known as Triple P, is interested in a new system for managing classroom space, scheduling courses, and enrolling students in them. Throughout this course project, you will participate in a software engineering process in which you will design and implement this system.

The project

This project is separated into four phases, each of which focuses on a different part of the software engineering process. We'll be following a waterfall-style process, beginning with requirements engineering, continuing with design and implementation, and concluding with testing and maintenance. (There are many reasonable arguments against a pure waterfall process in real-world projects, but it makes for a good arrangement in a ten-week course like this one.)

Though you will be working on one large project throughout the quarter, we'll try to set things up in a way that will allow you to succeed on future phases even if you struggle on previous ones. For example, after the requirements engineering phase, you will be provided with a complete requirements specification; that way, everyone will be working on the same system going forward.

All of your work is to be done individually; no pairs or groups are permitted.

Each phase is described separately; these descriptions are available at the links below.

Late work

Things happen and ten-week quarters can be unforgiving. It's not unreasonable to expect that you may find it difficult to finish one of the phases of this project on time, even if you're on top of things most of the time. I get emails often from students, saying things like If I just had one more day to work on this, I'd get it done! On the other hand, being consistently behind is a recipe for struggle in this course; we'll be moving quickly, and it will be progressively harder to catch up the farther behind you get.

The best balance between these two realities is that everyone is allowed to have a tough time with one phase of this project — maybe you underestimated the difficulty of that phase, maybe you have three midterms and a paper due the same day, maybe you have a sudden outside commitment that can't be avoided. For this reason, I'm offering the following late work policy.

Each student is permitted to submit any one phase of the course project up to 48 hours late, with no questions asked about why.

For the purposes of clarification, here are some additional details about how this policy works:

We'll be tracking this throughout the quarter and, of coruse, will not grant the extension to anyone more than once. But this should accommodate the unforeseen issues that might otherwise prevent you from finishing a phase of the project on time.

Other than this, late work is not accepted in this course.

Out-of-the-ordinary circumstances sometimes warrant exceptions to this policy; if you are faced with a problem that is preventing you from getting your work done on time, either on a single phase or chronically, please contact me and we can talk about a solution to it.