UCI ICS 1C, Homework 1

Labs of 7-12 August 1996

By 12 August, you and all members of your team are expected to be able to do all the things outlined below. We will do the formal check-off late Wednesday and early Monday, 7 and 12 August.

The first thing to do is to read this entire assignment before beginning work on any part of the parts given below.

Basic skills you will need on the Macintosh:

World-Wide Web via Netscape
You should be able to handle (and understand) the nine picture-buttons along the top of the Netscape window, as well as the following features accessible through Netscape's menus.

The most important things here are

  1. to become familiar with the various options,
  2. to start building your own personal bookmark list, and
  3. to be able to use the Open Location fluently.
NOTE: You must position the mouse inside type-in windows such as Open Location and Find. You can click the mouse or use the arrows to reposition the cursor within the window, but (beware) the Macintosh delete key deletes to the left of where the cursor is within the window. So to edit strings in type-in windows, one typically must use a button click or arrow keys to position the cursor to the left of where the insertion is to be made or to the right of a desired deletion.)
Preserving and Restoring your Netscape Bookmarks
Save your bookmarks to a file on a floppy disk and then use Netscape to view that file. Next, remove all bookmarks from the currently running copy of Netscape, exit Netscape, restart it, and import your bookmarks from the file in which you saved them on your floppy disk.
You should know how to transfer files both ways between the Macintosh and your account on ea.oac.uci.edu or orion.oac.uci.edu You should be familiar with choosing the directory for the source and destination files in both places.
NCSA Telnet
You should be able to connect and login to ea.oac.uci.edu or orion.oac.uci.edu
Editing Text Files
For this class, Simple Text is the basic text editor on the Macintosh.

Basic skills you will need on ea.oac.uci.edu or orion.oac.uci.edu:

E-mail with Pine: (Here's where you know you need to work with your fellow team members.)
File and directory operations:
  • ls (list a directory),
  • mv (move/rename a file or directory)
  • cp (copy a file)
  • rm (remove/delete a file)
  • create and edit -- pico is the recommended editor for class use on ea.oac.uci.edu or orion.oac.uci.edu.

Current as of 12 September 1996, vitus@ics.uci.edu