UCI ICS 1C, Summer 1996, Homework 2

12 - 19 August 1996, Labs 3-5.    Due Monday, 19 August.

Using http://www.ics.uci.edu/~vitus/ics1c/doc/hw2skel.html
as a basis, create an HTML document with the following content:

  1. Your name, e-mail address and major.
  2. The names and e-mail addresses of your team members who have reviewed your document.
  3. Three items of interest in an academic area (e.g. Humanities, Social Ecology, etc.) that you have found on the Web, with a brief statement about each item of interest, and include a link to each item that will let us get directly to your sources.
  4. Five questions that you could not have answered at the start of this quarter, but that you can answer now and the answers to these questions.
    At least 2 of these 5 questions should be directly related to the content of this course, and at least 2 others should be directly related to your major or (if you are unaffiliated) an academic area you are considering as your major.
    Each answer should be at least 80 words long and contain at least 2 links to other documents on the Web.

You will submit this assignment during lab on Monday, 19 August following instructions which will be available at that time.

Grading will be on the basis of content, the effective use of correct and clear writing, and how you choose to present the information so that it includes an appropriate use of the technology.

Your choice of questions is an important and influential part of the content. The teaching staff is happy (make that eager) to help you select ``good'' questions. In fact, it's a good idea (but not a requirement) to discuss your questions with one of the staff shortly after you start to work on this assignment.

Current as of 8 August 1996, vitus@ics.uci.edu