UCI ICS 1C, Homework 4

21 August - 9 September 1996

The final two weeks of the session, most of your lab work will focus on the creation of a Web-based hypertext "research paper" on some academic/scholarly topic which you pick (subject to acceptance by the instructor). The topic can be related to another course you are taking, your major, or the content of this class. An annotated guide to Web resources in an academic/scholarly area is one type of reasonable research paper.

Here's the overall time-line:

Team/joint papers are acceptable with 2 to 3 people collaborating. All participants and their roles should be identified in the proposal.

Grading will be on the basis of content and presentation (including appropriate use of the technology). The choice of topic is a critical part of this project.

The characterization of it as "academic/scholarly" is deliberate. Techo-toy gee-whiz stuff is fun, but not what is expected here.

In choosing your topic and writing the proposal (one could almost call it an abstract written before the paper), imagine that the audience will be a faculty member, parent, or fellow student who is skeptical that all this "network computer stuff" has substantive content beyond number-crunching, network-cruising, chat-line, game playing.

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