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CD Learning for partially observed RBMs


function model = CD_RBM(data,A,Vind,K,varargin)


 CD Learning for partially observed RBMs

 Estimate the parameters for a restricted boltzmann m/c using
 K-step Contrastive Divergence (CD) Learning
        data        : (N X V) matrix where N = # data points and V = # visible nodes
                        Each variable can take values from {+1,-1} or {0,1}                
        A           : Adjacency matrix defining the graph structure for the model to learn 
        Vind        : (V X 1) visible node numbers
        K           : #steps of Markov chain
        <varargin>  : optional inital model values (in data representation)
          model: (1X1) struct array with fields
                   N: the number of nodes
                   A: adjacency matrix                 
                   b: the biases  ( CD estimates )
                   w: the edge weights ( CD estimates )
                Vind: visible node indices
                Hind: hidden node indices
           Optionally saves a file "paramVec.mat" showing the sequence of updates to the parameters  

 The node value representation ( +1/-1 or 0/1) intended by the user is guessed from the training samples.       
 If using 0/1, the data is first mapped to +1/-1 and the model params are learned. 
 These learned params are then mapped back to the 0/1 case.

 If the variable MONITOR is set to 1 on line <>, a file "paramVec.mat" is generated that saves the parameter
 updates. One can plot these values to see if the gradient learning
 parmeters are reasonable. If not they can be changed on lines <>. The gloabl learning rate rho can be 
 adapted in a pre-defined manner by using ADAPT_PTS and RHO_CHANGE or automatically by
 setting LOCAL_ADAPT to 1. In this case, the smooothed estimates
 of parameter changes are found at regular intervals and the local rates rho_b and rho_w are changed 
 accordingly. Uses learning by mini batches, momentum and runs till MAX_ITERATIONS is reached.  



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