People @ Scivi-lab

Max Welling

PhD Students:
Levi Boyles
Andrew Gelfand (joint with Rina Dechter)
Sungjin Ahn
Anoop Korattikara

Master Students

Graduated Students:
Ian Porteous (graduated 2010) [PhD Thesis]
Yutian Chen (graduated 2013) [PhD Thesis]

Vishnu Balluru [MS Thesis]
Levi Boyles [MS Thesis]
Anoop Korattikara [MS Thesis]

Former members:
Dilan Gorur (Former Postdoc, now at Yahoo! Research)
Evgeniy Bart - (Former Postdoc jointly with Pietro Perona, now at Palo Alto Research Center)
Michal Rosen-Zvi (Former Postdoc, now at IBM Research)
Kenichi Kurihara (visiting student from Tokyo Institute of Technology, now at Google)
Ian Porteous (now at Google)
Yutian Chen (now postdoc at Cambridge University)