CompSci 175: Project in AI - Winter 2011


You are required to hand in a project report by March 10 midnight, in the designated EEE dropbox.
Your report should explain the work you have done in your group. It is important that you
are very precise with respect to your contributions relative to the other groupmembers' contributions
Try to keep the report within 5 pages.
In addition you should explain in two pages the ideas behind the AI component of the system.
Reports are due March 10 midnight. Please submit in pdf only.

Instructor: Max Welling

This year we will all join forces and build a course planner!
If successful, this tool will be featured on the ICS website.

The students will be divided into a number of "task forces" with the following topics:

1. Data acquisition and preprocessing
2. Building a Human Computer Interface (e.g. Google Image Swirl)
3. Design and testing of constraint satisfaction algorithm

Students will be rotating through these task forces." Note that everyone should be familar with all the code that is written.
The code must be very well documented because students will rotate throught the task-forces (not all at the same time).

We will follow a very tight schedule with a strict deadline for going live (the finals week!)

The goal of the course is to get the experience of building a real and useful AI product as a team.

Class attendance is manadatory. Every class, every team will report on their progress and we will jointly
discuss and brainstorm on how to proceed.

Grading will also depend on what will be accomplished as a team. However, the instructor has the liberty
to adjust grading on an individual basis.

Most importantly, this class should be fun and prepare you for building real products in the "real world".
If you choose this class, come motivated because it will only work if everyone will invest the necessary
effort right from the begining.


Online version of the Catalogue available here

PDF version of cataloque

Homework: Week 1

Thursday Jan. 6: Meet with your team (up to 5 students) and prepare a plan of work. This plan is to be presented in the next class (Thursday Jan. 6) using a simple powerpoint presentation. The plan should contain:

1. preliminary list of tasks to complete for the whole project
2. list of tasks to complete for the next week.

Everyone should look at the cataloque and generate ideas for how to approach the problem. Some important questions you may want to consider (some more appropriate for certain taskforces than others):

1. How do we conveniently get the data in electronic format (visit the registrar or figure out how if it can be downloaded.)
2. What are the constraints that need to be satisfied: (prerequesits, major requirements, order in which to take classes)
3. What is a useful interface for users? (e.g. how do I present the results -- e.g. example programs, all possibilities that satisfy requirements and prerequisits)
4. What kind of options/queries do I allow? (e.g. let the user interactively click on certain courses that s/he wants to take and then suggest other possible courses to fillfil the major requirements).
5. What programming language will you use to code?

Remember, we want lots of ideas. Do not feel constrained in this brainstorming phase. The more wild ideas the better.