Course: Research Project in Machine Learning

CompSci 295

Instructor: Alex Ihler & Max Welling

Time: MW: 2-3.20 pm

Location: DBH 1423

Instruction begins: Monday Sept. 29

Prerequisites: None

Goals: During this class you will engage in research in small groups of approximately 3 to 4 students. Each group can pick from a limited list of projects which will be provided by the instructors. Student may define their own research project. Students will be required to read papers and present them before class, write a research paper and present the results of their work. We strongly encourage projects that will either lead to tangible results (e.g.a publication or to a web-based application).

To give an example of a project: imagine a user uploading an image of the separate pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Build a system that can either solve the puzzle from this one image, or suggest a next move to the user. Possible technical ingredients for this example: image segmentation, contour/shape extraction, color feature extraction, optimization/inference to solve the puzzle. Testing performance.

Homework : To be announced


Grading Criteria: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory