Current Projects

Greening through IT
This book examines the ways in which information technology can help people think and act on the broad scales of time, space, and complexity necessary for us to address the world's current environmental issues. To be published by MIT Press in April 2010. Longer summary

A carbon footprint calculator that uses a recommender system to suggest appropriate default values.

An online system that provides a suite of Web-based tools to help people track, analyze, and share their own personal information - including both environmental and nonenvironmentally related topics - in ways that they themselves find useful.

An online simulation game of the patent system designed to test the hypothesis that patent systems promote technological innovation. It looks like they may not. Paper available at SSRN.

Interactive exhibit designed to help children learn about restoration ecology. Collaboration with ecology professor Lynn Carpenter and her students. Winner of the 2005 Nicholas Foundation Prize for Cross-Disciplinary Research. Exhibited in the Emerging Technologies Program at SIGGRAPH 2005, at the 2005 Computer Supported Collaborative Learning conference, at the 2005 Games Learning and Society conference, and at Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA. Please watch a video.

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