2015 iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award

I am honored to receive this year's iSchools Doctoral Dissertation award! According to the announcement, my "dissertation has been judged the best completed during the preceding academic year at any member institution of the iSchools organization." iSchools is an international consortium of information schools (there are currently 59 schools). Here's a link to the actual dissertation if you'd like to peruse :)

I couldn't have done it without the support and help of many people! I especially want to thank my advisor (Alfred Kobsa), committee members (Bonnie Nardi, Don Patterson), collaborator and stats mentor Bart Knijnenburg and all of my wonderful colleagues and past instructors in my home department, Informatics, as well as those in Computer Science, Sociology and Social Ecology!


Joining Bentley University

I am happy to announce that I will be joining the faculty at Bentley University as Assistant Professor in Computer Information Systems. I look forward to working in the Boston area and with a network of bright and supportive colleagues!

UCI Nominee for 2015 iConference Doctoral Dissertation Award

University of California, Irvine has chosen my dissertation as its nominee for the 2015 iConference Doctoral Dissertation Award. The iConference is organized by the iSchools organization which is a quickly growing collection of Information Schools that share a "fundamental interest in the relationships between information, people, and technology". The winner will be announced in March 2015.

Dissertation Defended!

I've successfully defended and submitted my dissertation. I am graduating with a winter 2014 degree, a doctorate in Information and Computer Science. Thanks for all of the support from my colleagues and mentors!

Yahoo! Best Dissertation Award


I just received the Yahoo! Best Dissertation Fellowship Award for my research "in identifying and measuring psychological and social factors that impact people's behaviors and attitudes towards location-sharing technology". Thanks to the people at Yahoo! who are doing exciting work in the location-based services and personalization areas.

Best Paper Nominee

On the same day, I found out that my paper about communication style personality traits and location-sharing adoption and usage styles was nominated for best paper at UbiComp 2013. Thanks and congratulations also to my coauthors Bart Knijnenburg and Alfred Kobsa!

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