**Inverse-Rendering Based Analysis of the Fine Illumination Effects in the Salvator Mundi** Marco(Zhanhang) Liang, Michael T. Goodrich, Shuang Zhao University of California, Irvine ![](./sal_org.jpg width=512) ![](./gen2_salvator_mundi.png width=533) (#) Abstract The painting, Salvator Mundi, is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and depicts Jesus holding a transparent orb. We study the optical accuracy of the fine illumination effects in this painting using inverse rendering. Our experimental results provide plausible explanations for the strange glow inside the orb, the anomalies on the orb, and the mysterious three white spots, supporting the optical accuracy of the orb’s rendering down to its fine-grain details. (#) Downloads - Paper: [pdf](./salvator_mundi-sg20.pdf) - Supplemental material: [Github](https://github.com/baconleung1993/salvator_mundi) (#) Video
(#) Results (##) Defects ![Defects on orb's surface from *Salvator Mundi*](./sal_org_defects.png width=510) ![Rendering of bump defects with dark field lighting](./gen2_defects.png width=512) (##) Three white spots ![The orb from the painting for reference.](./sal_org_orb.jpg width=512) ![Rendering of the orb with three white spots.](./gen2_spots_threewhitespots.png width=512)