STATISTCS 200A: Intermediate Probability and Statistical Theory


Fall 2017

Basic Information

Lecture: 9:30- 10:50am TueThu @ DBH1300

Discussion: 4-4:50pm @ ICS180. We donít use discussions every week. Please check your email for announcements.

Office hour: Tuesday 12:30-1:30 pm or by appointment

Instructor: Zhaoxia YU (

Reader: TBA


Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct is unacceptable. I have a zero-tolerance policy against academic dishonesty. Incidents of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Associate Dean and will result in zero grades with additional penalties such as suspension or dismissal from the University. For further information, please go to


Assignments: hw0, hw1, hw2, hw3, hw4 (due at noon on Friday, Dec 8). Please slide your homework under the door of my office (2214 Bren Hall)


Lecture notes: lec1and2, lec3and4, lec5and6, lec7, lec8to10, lec11, lec12, lec13and14, lec15, lec16, lec17to18

Examples: Classical probabilities, EM


Description and Objectives

Stat 200A is the first of a three-quarter series on probability theory and statistics. The goal of this course is to build basic theoretical foundation for mathematical and applied statistics. Topics that will be covered include basics of probability theory, random variable and transformations, and distributions for both univariate and multivariate random variables.



Statistics 120A, B, C or equivalent.



Casella, G. and Berger, R. L. (2002). Statistical Inference, 2nd Edition, Duxbury. (Required)

Outline & Tentative Schedule

Weeks 1-2: Chapters 1-2.

Weeks 3-5: Chapter 3.

Weeks 6-8: Chapter 4.

Weeks 9-10: Chapter 5.

Materials not covered by the textbook will be introduced. You are responsible for what is presented in lecture and the book.



The grade is based upon homework assignments (30%), a midterm exam (30%) and a final exam (40%). Late homework will be discounted by 25% for each additional day.

Discussing assignments verbally with classmates is allowed and encouraged. However, you can NOT look at or copy others' solution. Identified cheating incidents will be reported and will result in zero grades.



The exams are closed book and closed notes. Cheat sheets are not allowed.

Calculators are not needed. You may not use any other electronic devices such as cell phone / ipad / tablet computer / laptop during the exam.

Tampering with an examination then returning it for more credit will be reported as academic dishonesty. Note, your exam papers will be photocopied before they are handed back to you.

The final is comprehensive.


Important Dates