Theory and Practice of Sample Survey

Fall, 2017



Zhaoxia Yu

Department of Statistics

Donald Bren Hall 2214



Lectures: TueThu 11am-12:20pm, DBH 1423

Office Hours: 12:30-1:30pm or by appointment


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Lecture notes: week1, week2lec1 (for print), stratified sampling (for print), cluster sampling, ratio/regression estimation, sampling with unequal probabilities, two-phase sampling,

Complex Surveys, Nonreponse, final project

R code: API Scores, NHANES



Course goals: Introduction to the basics of sampling from both applied and theoretical perspectives. Methods covered include simple random sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, sampling with unequal probabilities, and multistage sampling. Ratio estimate, regression estimate, and methods to handle nonresponse will also be presented.


Text: Sampling: Design and Analysis (2nd edition). Sharon L. Lohr. Duxbury, 2010.


Grading and course requirements:

Students will be assigned bi-weekly problem sets including the use of a statistical package. The grade is based upon homework/project (60%), lecture attendance (10%), and a midterm (30%).


Tentative Course Schedule:



week 1

Introduction, simple random sampling (SRS)

Ch 1, app B, Ch 2.1-2.3

week 2

SRS, stratified sampling

Ch 2.4-2.6, Ch 3.1-3.2

week 3

Stratified sampling

Ch 3.3, 3.5

week 4

Ratio and regression estimation

Ch 4.1-4.2, Ch 4.3-4.8

week 5

Midterm on ???

Cluster sampling

Ch 5.1 -5.2

week 6

Cluster sampling

Ch 5.3-5.4, Ch 5.5-5.6

week 7

Sampling with unequal prob

Ch 6.1-6.2

week 8

Sampling with unequal prob

Ch 6.3, Ch6.4-6.5

week 9

Complex surveys, nonresponse

Ch7, Ch 8.1-8.3

week 10

Variance estimation in complex surveys


Final week

Final project presentation