Hadar Ziv


Seeking full-time tenure-track opportunity as faculty member in software engineering, specifically development of complex software including object-oriented systems, data mining, and intelligent agents.

Summary of qualifications

I have been a software developer since 1983, a teacher and instructor since 1986, a researcher since 1988, and a consultant and mentor since 1993. My professional expertise is in development of complex software systems, including object-oriented (OO) analysis and design methods (Booch, Rumbaugh), OO programming languages (C++, Ada), and the corresponding development tools (Visual C++, Rational Rose, Select OMT, Ada compilers). I am also proficient with Microsoft technologies including Windows 95/NT, MFC 4.x, and COM/OLE programming. My research experience includes all aspects of the software development lifecycle, as well as software process modeling, software understanding, software visualization, hypertext and hypermedia.

My teaching experience includes close to 1,000 computer professionals in Southern California trained in OO Analysis and Design methods and Microsoft Windows programming using Visual C++ and MFC. Currently I am consulting and mentoring in object-oriented software development to Beckman Instruments, a Fortune 500 company in Fullerton CA, and to ObjectAutomation, a promising start-up in Irvine CA.

Upcoming Books

"Intelligent Software Agents: A Compendium of Theory and Practice," to be published by Addison-Wesley in early 1998.

"The Coherent Object-Oriented Lifecycle: From Analysis and Design to Successful Implementations using Visual C++ and MFC," to be published by Addison-Wesley in late 1997.


1990 - 1997 University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA

Ph.D., awarded June 1997.

1988 - 1990 University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA

M.S., awarded March 1990.

1980 - 1983 Technion, Israel Institute of Technology Haifa, Israel

B.Sc., Cum Laude, awarded April 1983.

Work and Business Experience

  1. Owner, Object Oriented Training, formerly Ziv Research & Consulting, since 1993.
  2. Supervised and participated in the development of IVAN, a hypertext browser for navigating networks of software artifacts, 1994-1996.
  3. Participated in many design, implementation and demonstration activities within the Arcadia research project at UC Irvine, 1988-1997, including the Triton object management system and the Process Viewer system.
  4. Served as a systems programmer and an instructor for the central computing facility of the Israeli Defense Force, Israel, 1983-1988.

Areas of Proficiency

Consulting Experience

Provided training and consulting services to the following companies in the areas of using Booch, Rumbaugh and the proposed UML methods for OO analysis and design, CASE tools from Rational and Select Software Tools, and Microsoft technologies such Visual C++, MFC, and COM/OLE.

  1. Beckman Instruments, Fullerton, CA, May - March 1997.
  2. ObjectAutomation, Irvine, CA May - December 1996.

Additional in-house Training

  1. Volt Delta Resources, Inc., Orange, CA. A 411-directory application for Windows 3.1/NT with Visual C++/MFC, January - February 1996.

Provided in-house training in object-oriented analysis and design methods, C++, Visual C++ and MFC, and OLE to the following companies:

Beckman Instruments, ObjectAutomation, MCA/Universal, Ericsson, NetSoft, Sony Transcom, and Phoenix Technologies.

UCI Extension Instruction

My teaching experience at UCI Extension includes a 30-hour class on Object-Oriented Analysis and Design in September - December 1996, June - August 1996, April 1 - June 10, 1996, January 10 - February 28, 1996, September 20 - November 22, 1995, April 4 - June 6, 1995, January 20 - 28, 1995, and September 29 - December 8, 1994.

Also included is a 30-hour class on Microsoft Visual C++ Programming with MFC 4.0 in October - November 1996, June - August 1996, February 2 - 16, 1996, September 25 - November 27, 1995, September 8 - 16, 1995, July 7 - 15, 1995, June 2 - 10, 1995, and April 5 - June 7, 1995.

Refereed Papers

  1. "Constructing Bayesian Network Models of software testing and maintenance uncertainties", with Debra J. Richardson. ICSM-97 International Conf. on Software Maintenance (ICSM97), Bari, Italy, September-October 1997.
  2. "Research Issues in the Intersection of Hypertext and Software Development Environments", with Leon J. Osterweil. Workshop on Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction, adjacent to ICSE-16, Sorrento, Italy, May 1994. Available in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 896, pp. 268-279, Springer-Verlag, 1995.
  3. "Software Visualization and Yosemite National Park", with Dani Steinberg. In HICSS-25, Hawaii Int. Conference on System Sciences, Volume 2, pp. 607-618, Kauai, Hawaii, January 1992.
  4. "Programming a Software Requirements-Specification Process", with Stanley M. Sutton, Jr., Dennis Heimbigner, Harry E. Yessayan, Mark Maybee, Leon J. Osterweil, and Xiping Song. In First Int. Conference on the Software Process, Redondo Beach, CA, October 1991.

Research Papers in Progress


References are available upon request. The first two chapters of my book are available for review, beginning September 19, 1996.