Qi Alfred Chen

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science,

University of California, Irvine

Office: 3204 Bren Hall

Phone: 949-824-7865

Email: alfchen at uci dot edu

CV  Google Scholar (cite: 500+, h-index: 9)

Multiple research positions available for self-motivated PhD/MS students interested in computer security research, especially in securing exciting IoT/CPS systems such as self-driving cars (link1, link2), intelligent transportation (link1, link2), and smart homes (link1, link2). Please contact me at alfchen at uci.edu if you are intereted.

More details: Multiple Fall-2019 PhD Positions at CS@UC Irvine (Cybersecurity Focus)

[News] (07/2018) Joined CS@UC-Irvine as a tenure-track Assistant Professor!

[News] (06/2018) Please checkout my article in The Conversation about our recent work on software security in emerging smart traffic control!

[News] (03/2018) Our NDSS'18 paper on next generation smart transportation systems security is receiving widespread news coverage: The Register, Trend Micro, Naked Security, Slashdot, Bleeping Computer, Smart Cities Dive, Boing Boing, PriusChat, ...

[News] (01/2018) Please check out the project webpage and the attack video demo for our NDSS'18 work! This website will keep documenting our research progress in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Security.

[News] (01/2018) First time attending the Transportation Research Board annual meeting in D.C.! Got in touch with members in Connected Vehicle Pilot Program team in Tampa, FL and reported the problems discovered in our NDSS'18 paper.

[News] (11/2017) I gave a short talk on our recent work on emerging smart transportation system security in ACM FEAST workshop. The slides can be accessed here.

[News] (10/2017) Our paper on the first security analysis of the emerging Connected Vehicle (CV) based traffic signal control got into NDSS'18! We find that due to several newly-discovered vulnerabilties, even one single attack vehicle can greatly manipulate the intelligent traffic control algorithm, causing severe traffic jams.

[News] (08/2017) Our paper on the first systematic study of client-side name collision vulnerability got into CCS'17! We find that the name collision problem broadly breaks common security assumptions in internal network services today, causing widespread vulnerability exposure.

[News] (06/2017) Our Euro S&P'17 are receiving widespread news coverage! Please checkout My interview at WXYZ-TV (ABC afflicated), and other coverage in Wired, TechRepublic, Bleeping Computer, and more!

[News] (03/2017) I am awarded the prestigious Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship to support my security research in smart systems and IoT! Check out the news coverage here. Thanks, Rackham!

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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine. Before coming to UCI, I received my Ph.D. degree from Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2018.

My research generally focuses on network and systems security. More specifically, my research interest includes software security, network protocol security, DNS system security, smartphone system security, CPS/IoT system security, access control system security, vulnerability discovery and analysis, side channel attack and defense. Most recently, my research focuses mainly on security problems in smart systems and IoT, e.g., smart home systems, smart transportation systems, and autonomous vehicle systems.

The major theme of my research is to proactively address security challenges through systematic problem analysis and design, leveraging techniques such as static/dynamic program analysis, software testing, and network measurement. My research has developed such approaches to systematically discover, analyze, detect, and fix vulnerabilities in a wide range of important computer systems and components such as smartphone OSes, network protocols, DNS, GUI systems, access control systems, and very recently intelligent traffic signal control systems.


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My attack videos on YouTube attracted over 60,000 views (as of 09/07/2014) from all over the world, with a daily peak of over 17,000 views.

I am a Distinguished Active member of Tau Beta Pi Michigan Gamma (MI-G) Chapter.

I am the founder and was the first leader of the tennis team in the CS dept. in Nanjing University.

I initialized the first Flyer Book for the CS dept. of Nanjing University, guiding students to apply for graduate schools outside China.

In spare time, I like to play tennis/basketball/badminton, watch movies, and travel.