User Interface Papers

C2 papers:

"A Component- and Message-Based Architectural Style for GUI Software", by Richard N. Taylor, Nenad Medvidovic, Kenneth M. Anderson, E. James Whitehead Jr., Jason E. Robbins, Kari A. Nies, Peyman Oreizy, and Deborah L. Dubrow, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol. 22, no. 6, pages 390-406, June 1996. Abstract
(cross reference Software Architecture)

Chiron papers:

"Chiron-1: A Software Architecture for User Interface Development, Maintenance, and Run-time Support", by Richard N. Taylor, Kari A. Nies, Gregory Alan Bolcer, Craig A. MacFarlane, Gregory F. Johnson, and Kenneth M. Anderson in ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. vol.2, no. 2, pages 105-144, June 1995. Abstract

"Supporting Separations of Concerns and Concurrency in the Chiron-1 User Interface System", by Richard N. Taylor and Gregory F. Johnson in Proceedings of the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Sytems, pages 367-374, Amsterdam, April 1993. Association for Computing Machinery. Abstract

"Chiron-1 User Manual, v1.4", by Kari A. Nies, Craig MacFarlane, Mary Cameron, and Gregory Bolcer in Arcadia Document UCI-93-07. Abstract

"Chiron 1.4 Client Design", by Kari A. Nies in Arcadia Document UCI-93-02. Abstract

UIDA papers:

"User Interface Design Assistance for Large-Scale Software Development", by Gregory Alan Bolcer in Proceedings of the Knowledge Based Software Engineering Conference, pages 142-149, Monterey, CA, September 1994. Abstract

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