xCellerator Quick Start Reference Home

For a quick start,

  1. Download and install xlr8r. Instructions are given here.

  2. Download the Quick Start Notebook from the link at the end of this list of instructions. In order to manipulate it in Mathematica you should right-click and select "save file" or "save link as .." option. Make sure to save the file with file type ".nb".

  3. Double click on your downloaded copy of QuickStart.nb. If Mathematica is properly installed correctly on your system it should open in Mathematica. If it opens in another application (such as Word or a text editor) then quit and open Mathematica directly, then find your copy of the file QuickStart.nb using "File" -> "Open .." to import it into Mathematica.

  4. Execute the cells one line at a time by selecting each one and pressing Shift-Enter to see what happens, or to evaluate them all at once select "Evaluation"->"Evaluate Notebook"

  5. Change some of the parameters and initial conditions to see what happens.

  6. For more information on any function look at the online documentation at http://xlr8r.info/usersguide/index.html.

  7. Try building your own models.

Example (Download QuickStart.nb as Mathematica Notebook)

[This page was last revised on: 2 Nov 2012]